Clean air
matters in

Our ozone-free ionisation technology improves your working environment, protects health and maximises productivity.

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Products that generate ‘fresh air’ with no harmful residues.

Through urbanisation and industrialisation, our air quality has become increasingly polluted; negatively impacting human and animal health in both our working and everyday environments.

IonTEK is the exclusive UK distributor of RLT products. RLT proprietary ionisation technology has already proven efficient and effective in cleaning the air of unhealthy particles, bacteria and dust, whilst simultaneously eradicating unpleasant smells.

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Our Sector Solutions

Effective on particles as small as < 0.3 microns, our technology has been effectively used in many environments.

Clean Air Matters in Construction

Bringing dust and particles to the floor, so workers can breathe clean air and operate efficiently and effectively.

Clean air matters in Food Manufacturing & Packaging

Exposure to dust formed during the manufacture of foods and packaging can lead to a variety of hazardous outcomes.

Clean air matters in Industry & Workshops

Poor management of industrial dust (e.g. Wood, Masonry, Welding) is harmful to human health.

Clean air matters in all our lives

There are many environments in which our ionisation products can protect health and reduce costs.

A Demonstration of Clean Air Ionisation Technology

Our Product Solutions

We offer a wide range of ozone-free ionisation products, suitable for many situations

Ideal for small spaces with limited ventilation

OxyClean is a compact ionization unit perfect for those smaller spaces such as storage rooms or bin houses.

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Robust and efficient

Our OxyClean units are made of stainless steel giving it a long life, with high performance.

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Built to handle larger indoor areas

The OxySan range can handle indoor spaces from 360m3 to 1500m3

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Portable and low maintenance

Our OxySan units are designed for easy use, low energy consumption and low noise levels.

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There is so much pollution in the air now that if it was not for our lungs there would be no place to put it all.

Robert Obsen

Our Partner

Since 1982 RLT has developed products that improve air quality and manage issues caused by harmful dust and odours through the ionisation of the air. Clean Air Technology can therefore offer a system of units that generate “fresh air” without producing ozone or other residues harmful to health.