After 5 minutes of bipolar ionization with the correct ionization level, you can reduce the relative particle content by up to 95%

In addition to harmful dusts being produced in many commercial activities, proximity favours the spread of bacteria and viruses. Through our urbanization, outdoor air becomes increasingly polluted. In dense buildings, general air quality and bad odours are increasingly affecting our health and well-being.

Iontek’s methods of cleaning air are designed to provide a fresh and clean indoor environment, free of unhealthy particles and unpleasant smells. We use ionisation against bad odours and dust particles. This can be achieved by simple deployment of our mobile ionisation machines (e.g. eliminating bad odour and improving air quality in single rooms) to managing very harmful dust particles (e.g. Respirable Silica Dust) in commercial environments alongside the initial dust collectors used during the initial phase of construction/demolition.

It is the fine dust particles, often undetectable by the naked eye, that remain in the air and are taken deep into the lungs causing long term damage to human health.

We are constantly advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of ionisation technology and our products. This means we are also constantly looking for new environments where air quality is impacting the quality of life. If you think air ionisation could improve the air you breathe on a daily basis, please do get in touch.