Amongst many others, Skanska Rental use Air Ionisers to manage dust, smoke and bad odours in various construction environments.

The very nature of construction work means the generation of various air borne particles that can:

  • Slow down the job (increasing the need to take frequent breaks)
  • Irritate the skin, eyes and throat which may lead to occupational health hazards eg Welders Cough (impacting the health and the productivity of staff)

Construction workers can recognise the issue when huge amounts of dust and smoke are created in the daily work. However, it is the smallest particles (hardly detectable in the air to the human eye) that present the greatest risk to health. Respirable Silica Dust is a known carcinogen and is easily taken into the depths of the lungs.

Hence, the management of harmful air borne particles in the construction environment is vital to maximise productivity, morale and long-term health of staff.

The work being undertaken and the locations they are done in are very varied, but the use of ionisers (often used in a “system” of particle management) is the only way you can state with any confidence that all reasonable efforts to mitigate the risks were in place.

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