Refuse Rooms

Refuse Rooms

OxySan 200 and OxyClean air ionising machines are used to clean the air of strong odours and mould in environmental stations and refuse room

Depending on the extent and location of the problem the OxySan and OxyClean product range can eliminate strong odours even in damp and humid environments. Small enough to be attached to the wall of a refuse area, toilet or changing room and with the ability to add ozone to the ionised air to get rid of even the strongest of smells. These energy efficient machines will cost effectively maintain a clean air environment.

It must be noted that localised Ozone is detrimental to human health and should not be used continuously in rooms where people spend a great deal of time. Hence the OxySan and OxyClean machines can vary the amount of Ozone released thus improving the quality of air without any harmful residues.

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