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Clean Air Matters in ALL OUR LIVES

There are many environments in which our ionisation products can protect health, provide cost and production benefits whilst limiting the risks of fire and other hazards. Hence, we are currently looking for partners in the following areas to conduct additional proof of concept field tests across the UK.


Reduce air-borne pollution in the classroom environment. Providing a clean air environment for young people to learn and thrive.

Environmental Health:

Eliminate bad smells, kill mould and improve air quality

Estate Agents (Sale and Rental):

Ever tried to sell or rent a property that smells. Forget positive smells like coffee and bread and get rid of the smell of animals, strong foods and neglect by using our portable OxySan machines.

Fire Damage:

Elimination of fire smoke odours, keeping dust on the floor and speeding up the rebuild process.

Flood Damage:

Elimination of the nasty odours generated when buildings flood, as well as preventing the risk of mould.

Food storage (cold rooms):

Prevent bacterial contamination in cold rooms and for goods transport.

Garbage Waste Rooms:

OxyClean ionisation units eliminate strong odours, as well as mould and dust.

Hotels / Cruise Ships:

The mobile ionisation units can be used in a variety of situations to manage dust, eliminate bad odours and improve air quality eg: Renovation work, public toilets, public shower rooms, function rooms, garbage rooms, cold food storage. Get air damaged rooms back in service as soon as possible.

Management of Livestock:

To prevent infections by bacteria and viruses. Protect humans against diseases such as ‘fowl flu’, as well as neutralising smells. Further, the technology has been used to successfully mitigate bacterial contamination in racehorse stables and vet clinics.


Clean air is a big issue for public health. Operating at a nanoparticle level our portable ionisation machines are capable of reducing the spread of infections where and when needed eg: on wards and in surgical theatres.

Office/Public Spaces:

Portable ionisation machines capable of improving air quality where you need it. Eg: Sick offices, churches, church and village halls, theatres.


No need for internet smell-o-vision. Our Ionisation products eliminate bad smells and improve air quality in areas that, all too often, really need it.

Sanitary Equipment:

Elimination of odours in changing rooms, shower rooms and laundry rooms.

Vehicle Wrapping:

The anti-static properties of the ionisation process improves production rates and reduces wastage in the production of any process affected by static electricity.


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